Why not create videos yourself?

There are so many awesome reasons to invest in video – increased engagement levels with your marketing campaigns, positive impact on brands, effect on SEO, improved retention levels of information, the influence of buyers on their purchase decisions…. the list goes on. With marketing teams seeing video as essential to a well-rounded marketing plan, what is the best approach to its creation?

We see homemade videos on the internet all the time, often with millions of views. So, it’s tempting to look at creating video content yourself – create some video for your website or social channels. This is fine for a YouTube vlogger looking for exposure or for some fun live Facebook videos at an event. But how does homemade video over using a professional reflect on your brand?

Here are a few things to think about on why you might want to employ a professional video production company rather than use the DIY approach.

You’re only as good as your tools

Maybe you have a DSLR or small camcorder in-house or cameras on phones are now great quality too but, as with anything, the video you create is only going to look and sound as beautiful as the equipment it was shot on. Filming on something amateur will look just that and of course will reflect on your company and brand too. And, it’s also not just about camera choice. There’s lighting and audio to consider too.

Professionals will hand pick the camera to shoot on specific for the outcome of the video. You could, of course rent the kit, but do you know how to get the best out of it for what you want to achieve? Do you know where the exposure and frame rate settings are or what they do? No pro would ever shoot with full auto settings on a camera, without lighting or without professional audio recording equipment. And these are things can’t be fixed in post-production either.

Post-production – crafting the video

Once you’ve recorded your content, how will you go about converting this to crafted videos ready for release? Once the filming is complete, do you have the tools for post-production? Editing of the raw content and audio, adding graphics, text, music tracks, logos and brand elements?

Editing is often where the magic happens. Taking basic filmed footage to something that sings your brand, is eye-catching and engaging and inspires your audiences.

Reflect your brand

Your brand is all about quality. All your marketing, of course, reflects this. Why not your video? We want to be seen in our best light and making an impression on our potential customers that inspires action. Professionally produced video will give you that edge over your competitors.

Also, ask yourself this question – Can you tell the difference on a Facebook video, for example, when it’s been shot by a pro, or by the person in the organization themselves? …Probably, right?

Do you have the time?

Consider if you have the time to put in to writing a script that gets you the outcome that you’re looking for, engages with your audiences and has that punchy call to action at the end. To get the best out of the equipment, do you have time to learn the camera, the editing software and graphics packages.

As with any profession, a pro with years of experience will do a great job efficiently, taking up less of your time overall, making it way less stressful and getting you a better overall outcome that drives results for your company.

Won’t it be expensive?

Going pro doesn’t necessarily need to mean expensive. It can be cost effective, value for money and will get you the outcomes that you’re looking for. Less time, less stress and making your brand sing. Professionally shot videos with Perpetua can start from as little as $400 each for a series of awesome social media videos. Also, video production companies will be happy to provide quotes for your project at no charge, with no obligation.

So, for video that looks and sounds slick, is targeted to get you a return on your investment, represents your awesome brand, fits with your other marketing strategies and doesn’t drive you in to the ground during the process, engage the professionals, as you would do with any other aspect of your business.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and for a no obligation quote. We’d be happy to help!