Training & Tutorial Video Production

We can help you educate & engage your audience with professional training or tutorial videos.


If you’re looking to educate and engage your team, or maybe you’ve designs to teach the world to sing, talk to us. We understand the power of video and how to use it to best achieve your goals. Talk to us about your audience and we’ll give you advice on how to get optimal engagement and work with you to develop awesome training and tutorial content that informs, educates and has the world singing your tune.

Based in Auckland’s Media Design Building, we work right across New Zealand and beyond creating video on a wide vareity of subjects.

Whatever you're planning, contact us today for a no-obligation quote or just to chat through your thinking and see where you could take it:

  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Customer Tutorial Videos
  • Tutorial Videos for Digital Marketing
  • And more...

Competitive pricing

Whatever your budget, we’ll work to get the results you want from your content and make your money work hard - real hard; lot’s of sweat, no tears. Check out some of our packages and pricing examples here.

But don’t take our word for it….

See what our clients have said about their experience, and have a look at some of our other videos:

Customer Feedback Training Videos

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    Training & Tutorial Video Examples

    Dynex – Palliside Installation Guide

    Corporate Videos

    image-Dynex – Palliside Installation Guide

    L’Oreal Paris Preference – How to… Hair Colouring

    Corporate Videos

    image-L’Oreal Paris Preference – How to… Hair Colouring

    Masons Uni FR – Building Product Installation Guide Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Masons Uni FR – Building Product Installation Guide Video

    NSK Dental Solutions – Tutorial Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-NSK Dental Solutions – Tutorial Video

    Scott Technologies – Rock Grading Machine Explainer Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Scott Technologies – Rock Grading Machine Explainer Video

    We work with amazing clients


    “I’ve been working with Perpetua for nearly two years on the regular production of mobile device training videos. The speed and accuracy with which these 10 min long videos are filmed and edited always blows me away. Rob is a champion multi-tasker on the shoot – always ready with ideas for better ways of achieving the outcome we need or troubleshooting on the fly when my script theory doesn’t flow through in practice! I’m always assured of a professional, punctual and extremely productive day when I work with Perpetua … and there’s no shortage of laughs along the way too, which adds a great angle to a long day’s filming"

    More Testimonials

    From Our Blog

    As you start out on your next video project, it’s fun and exciting to get right into the story and think about shots and dialogue. However, in order to get that bit right it’s important first to step back and ask yourself “what are your desired outcomes, what are you......

    Thanks for firing in your questions about your video shoots. Clearly a top topic is pricing. How much should I spend, or how much should I expect to spend, and infact, we’ve had a few people ask us “How much for a 40 second video?”. So it’s a great starting......

    There are so many awesome reasons to invest in video – increased engagement levels with your marketing campaigns, positive impact on brands, effect on SEO, improved retention levels of information, the influence of buyers on their purchase decisions…. the list goes on. With marketing teams......