Time Lapse Video Production

We can help you create a stunning time lapse video that inspires your audience.


We all know that time-lapse can be a great way to showcase projects or events and the like, from start to finish. But making that look great, getting the right balance of what to include or what not to include and giving your audience the most impactful story is a skill. We can help you by creating beautiful and engaging time-lapse videos. We will work with you to understand your vision and create an incredible video for your audience.

Based in Auckland’s Media Design Building, we work right across New Zealand and beyond creating time-lapse video for a variety of projects.

Whatever you're planning, contact us today for a no-obligation quote or just to chat through your thinking and see where you could take it:

  • Project Time-Lapse Videos
  • Event Time-Lapse Videos
  • Construction Time-Lapse Videos
  • Scenic Time-Lapse Videos
  • And more...

Competitive pricing

Whatever your budget, we’ll work to get the results you want from your content and make your money work hard - real hard; lot’s of sweat, no tears. Check out some of our packages and pricing examples here.

But don’t take our word for it….

See what our clients have said about their experience, and have a look at some of our other videos:

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    Our Work

    Auckland City Toyota – Fleet Manager Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Auckland City Toyota – Fleet Manager Video

    Buckleys Apprenticeship Programme Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Buckleys Apprenticeship Programme Video

    Ernst and Young/Fonterra Case Study

    Corporate Videos

    image-Ernst and Young/Fonterra Case Study

    SAP – Zespri Case Study Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-SAP – Zespri Case Study Video

    Tower Insurance Future Champions – Kanah Andrews-Nahu

    Corporate Videos

    image-Tower Insurance Future Champions – Kanah Andrews-Nahu

    Truck and Driver Magazine – Promo video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Truck and Driver Magazine – Promo video

    We work with amazing clients


    "Rob and Louise earn my highest recommendation. The project was effortless for us because of their communication, attention to detail, and willingness to provide options and solutions. Their passion and expertise is evident and they delivered above and beyond expectations. Thank you, Louise and Rob, you have been fabulous to deal with, we look forward to using you again."

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