Corporate Video Production

We can help you create powerful, engaging video content for your business that delivers real results.


What makes us different? Sure, we’ll only use premium seasoned operators and crew, but much more importantly, we’re your creative partner. We’ll work with you to develop your ideas or bring you fresh, brand new thinking. Always keeping your objectives and business outcomes at the heart of your content programme. We’ll bring our unique creativity and skill to deliver videos that sparkle for your target audience, help present you and your amazing brand to the world, and deliver real results for your business.

Based in Auckland’s Media Design Building, we work right across New Zealand and beyond with companies of all sizes.

Whatever your vision, contact us today for a no-obligation quote or just to chat through your thinking and see where you could take it:

  • Company Profile Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Case Study Videos
  • Social Media & Marketing Videos
  • And more...

Competitive pricing

Whatever your budget, we’ll work to get the results you want from your content and make your money work hard - real hard; lot’s of sweat, no tears. Check out some of our packages and pricing examples here.

But don’t take our word for it….

See what our clients have said about their experience, and have a look at some of our other videos:

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    Corporate Video Examples

    Auckland City Toyota – Fleet Manager Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Auckland City Toyota – Fleet Manager Video

    Buckleys Apprenticeship Programme Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Buckleys Apprenticeship Programme Video

    Ernst and Young/Fonterra Case Study

    Corporate Videos

    image-Ernst and Young/Fonterra Case Study

    SAP – Zespri Case Study Video

    Corporate Videos

    image-SAP – Zespri Case Study Video

    Tower Insurance Future Champions – Kanah Andrews-Nahu

    Corporate Videos

    image-Tower Insurance Future Champions – Kanah Andrews-Nahu

    Truck and Driver Magazine – Promo video

    Corporate Videos

    image-Truck and Driver Magazine – Promo video

    We work with amazing clients

    Kim Mckay, Channel Marketing Manager, HP New Zealand

    “HP has worked with Rob & Louise for several years now, creating a wide variety of content for our customer and partner organisations. They are a delight to work with and are particularly adept at getting the best out of what can sometimes be very dry content. Plus they are skilled at guiding our inexperienced presenters to get the best out of their performance. Its fair to say that they are highly regarded by our entire team and have been poached by several of our customers along the way."

    More Testimonials

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