Planning great video content: Videos to fit your delivery channels

Where you post or deliver your video is likely to be decided by your target; where they’re looking, where can you find them? And it’s also no doubt going to be decided by the outcomes you’re after. Are you after a mass market engagement witha TVC or are you running a video at a recruitment fair, and that’s just continuing in the analogy we talked about when we looked at defining your audience.

So, with that in mind, we can identify that there is a relationship between the who and the where they’ll see your message. And to make those two variables meet well in the middle, you’ll want to consider that delivery channel when you’re writing the content and message for this viewer. Clearly if your video is going to play predominantly at a recruitment fair, having amazing interviews with existing grads is going to fall flat if you can’t hear them on the stand. So how do you write for this audience and this channel. And when you’re crafting your next Facebook campaign, you’ll want to be considering that you’re essentially talking with someone who’s in their personal time, even if they’re taking a sneaky break at work, so you’ll likely be crafting your message to speak to your audience the way a friend might tell your story, for example. Likewise, keep in mind that if you’re writing a TVC that’s part of the same campaign it’s not only shorter and punchier in order to meet time spots but that your audiences habits and expectations will allow you to sell a little harder. A lifetime are watching broadcast TV means they’ve become acclimatised to this kind of approach on that channel.

So as you dive into the detail around your story, keep an eye on that final channel as it’s likely if you’re going to use several, you’ll want to consider a few different approaches and they could be subtly or vastly different.

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