Planning great video content: Let’s look at Outcomes

As you start out on your next video project, it’s fun and exciting to get right into the story and think about shots and dialogue. However, in order to get that bit right it’s important first to step back and ask yourself “what are your desired outcomes, what are you looking to achieve, what do you want people to do once they’ve watched your video and how do you want them to feel”. And, although this possibly sounds like an obvious step, we can attest to the fact that it’s regularly overlooked and so it’s often the first thing we’ll ask our clients to do. We’ll look together at how it fits with the other lines of communication, which part of your company’s strategy does this video series belong to. This way you’ll ensure
your video is powerful and of value to you and the viewer.

Those clear outcomes will help you define your audience. It’ll help you craft your message and select the delivery channels you’ll use and you’ll have a clearer direction on the best ways to tell your story. Now it will be much easier not only to calculate a budget but also to get more from your budget as the ship starts out in the right direction.

And finally, for this part of your video journey, share those details with all of the stakeholders; from your external video team through to those in your organization who’ll be responsible for showing a return on investment. Now at any point through the creative process you can refer back to those outcomes; why are we making this video, does this help do that.

We’ll be following this up with a series on getting the most out of your creative steps too so from our website – Perpetua Productions, you’ll find links to our Facebook page and other social channels where you can follow us and subscribe or just give us a call direct, we’d love to help you with your next video project. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again soon.