Planning great video content: Getting your video message nailed

Hey team! Today I want to talk about getting the message right in your video. Creating a message that hits the mark is going to rely on you having thought through these points; Who are you writing for? – a wide audience or a specific and very targeted audience, or somewhere in-between. How do you want them to feel? – warm and fuzzy, fired up and motivated, angry and ready for action. What do you want them to do? – join your campaign, remember your brand, sign up for your newsletter. What is the essence of your brand? – are you high gloss, are you fun and edgy, cheap and cheerful. And what channels will you be showing your video on? – Facebook, YouTube, TV.

If you had a few minutes with one of your new prospects, what would you do? – would you lay out all your cool products to show them, would you get somebody else to tell them how amazing you are, would you fly them in a helicopter over your factory. These points are all going to influence and create your message so always keep them front of mind as you develop exactly what your message is going to be.
The script will come later – what people see in the video, who’s in it, what they might talk about and so on – all that stuff that will drive your message.

So, for example, the message might be “Teenagers – don’t drink and drive the consequences could be catastrophic”. How you deliver this is still to come.

Now, when you combine all of these points with your realistic budget – how much you’ll be spending to get that message across and get a return on investment

while representing your brand properly – what you have is a really solid brief. It’s what we’d want to know before we got to concept development or scripting.

Gaining a clear understanding of the points we’ve talked about here might really inspire you with a bunch of ideas and direction of your own to really get you a long way down the track. Now you’ll end up with a great piece – a communication tool that does what you want it to and not just a beautiful looking piece of cinematography.

We’ve got a bunch more videos for you to check out so have a look at those. Some of them are around nailing the points we’ve talked about here and they’ll hopefully keep your project going in the right direction and we’ve got more to come here on the website. You’ll find links to our Facebook page and other social channels where you can follow us and subscribe or give us a call direct, we’d love to help you with your next project.