Planning great video content: Defining Your Audience

When we talk about defining your audience for the purpose of video, we’ve got to assume that you totally know your market and who’s buying your products or services. What we’re talking about here is looking at each type of person that interacts with your company and asking which of those specifically do you want to target to get the results you’re expecting.

So, for example, is your product a great piece of consumer IT that’s got mass appeal and a general consumer uptake and this video promotion is aimed squarely at the resellers who on-sell this product for you. Or do you offer an amazing service on contract to businesses throughout New Zealand and you’ve got a video already explaining just how great that service is and you’re thinking “let’s use that to attract new recruits to a grad program”, when the reality is the end viewer has got a vastly different set of needs, motivations and interests etc.

All too often we see videos that are meant to engage us, the viewer and the message is a bit blurred as we’re just one of a number of targets for a ‘one video fits all’ message and unfortunately it misses the mark. We could well have been keen to follow up if only we’d been engaged differently and understood what was expected of us. 

So the message here is; understanding that very varied demographic across a whole spectrum of those who have a touch point with you and clearly defining which of these will this message target will keep your creatives right on track and get far more engagement from your final video piece. And that alone will make it more likely that you’ll get the specific results that you’re after.

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