Perpetua Productions: Showreel 2020

Perpetua Productions: Showreel 2020

So, the start of 2020 has taken even more creative thinking than normal, right? Over the past couple of months we’ve been working with our clients to create messaging and communications for their audiences throughout Levels 3 and 4. But now it’s great to be getting out filming again in person. 

With a month locked down, we’ve also had time to collect together just a few snippets of some of the fun projects we’ve produced recently, and dropped them into a new showreel.  

It’s been a bit of a challenge choosing what to keep for a one minute piece – as always with video editing, it’s really been about the harsh decisions of what not to include from the huge variety of projects. So, this is just a wee snapshot; TV OnDemand video ads, YouTube videos and Facebook pre-roll ads, animation videos and motion graphics, product videos, corporate video comms, time lapse video, conference content and event video highlights reels…. you get the picture! 

We’re lucky to work with amazing clients from some of New Zealand’s most recognisable businesses, International organisations, some well-known faces, awesome talent, and so many fabulous regular clients that we’ve partnered with for years.

I really like what we’ve ended up with here; as always it’s natural for us to get a real passion for every single project. Every video outcome is different, but it’s always about taking the right messages to the right audiences, and inspiring action. Check out our 2020 reel and get in touch – let’s chat about your marketing and comms messaging and see what we can do to create great video content for you.