Influencer marketing and video

Most of us know that attaching your brand to an influencer – a thought leader or expert in the market – is an effective way to build your audience and gain credibility. There are, of course, a number of ways in order to do this, with a smart campaign using several forms of media in its strategy. Traditionally, influencer marketing has been centered around print advertising and tv commercial, more recently blogs and social media posts but there is now an increase in the use of video as part of this strategy as well.

The Benefits 

So, what are the benefits of having an influencer attached to your brand? An influencer has already invested time and effort into building a rapport and trust with a following so in piggybacking on this, companies can take advantage of this. An expert in the market or person with a large following associating themselves with your product or service is a proven way to instantly help you build trust and confidence in your offerings. They already have an established audience who are in tune with your ideas so therefore can expand the reach of your content and get it seen by a relevant market. Research shows that return on investment with influencer marketing is greater than through other strategies as it helps you build your audience and increase the reach of your brand quickly and enables you to easily build engagement through shared content. Ultimately this means more brand awareness and sales for you.

Your Influencer

In finding your ideal influencers, some thought needs to be put in to who you are going to choose and why, and what you are going to offer in return. You might be looking for subject matter experts or industry leaders for credibility, or for current customers in order to help retain or upsell your customer base, or popular celebs or bloggers/vloggers for reach and sharing. You’ll investigate if their audience is in line with the markets you’re targeting. The next step will be agreeing on your chosen influencer’s involvement – anything from re-tweeting your content through to becoming a fully-fledged ambassador for your company. In terms of video content, you might want them to appear in a video interview that you can share on your website, blog or social media platforms or you might want to create a webinar series hosted by your influencer. Asking them to feature in your promotional videos also adds to their share-ability.

Influencer marketing and video

At Perpetua we’ve recently had a number of clients looking more closely at video for their influencer marketing. One example is the Heart Foundation who approached us to create a video for their Jump Rope for Heart campaign. Their goal was to increase awareness of the campaign with school principals and encourage schools to sign up to participate in the campaign. They had some high profile ambassadors in Tom Abercrombie and Mika Vukona from the Tall Blacks, both of whom had participated in the Jump Rope for Heart campaign when they were kids. So we capitalised on this relationship to create a short, punchy video to generate interest in the programme featuring them. The outcome was that their involvement lent credibility to the campaign and increased the level of interest in the videos with the students and teachers. The videos opportunity to be shared increased, ultimately giving the Heart Foundation a high higher return on the investment they made. Have a look at the video we created above.

If you’d like to talk through some ideas on how video can add to your influencer marketing strategy, give us a call and we’d love to chat.