Event video content: Beyond the keynotes

During February and March, our calendar is crammed full of event filming. It’s something about that New Zealand-wide shutdown across a large part of December and January, I think, that then means Auckland’s event scene is buzzing in Feb. So a topic front of mind for our team at the minute is; what type of video content will have the most impact, longevity and appeal with audiences, and how much quality, valuable, shareable video content can we produce from an event.

So filming the keynotes is an obvious one, right. Let’s extend the life of the event, share video content with those who couldn’t make the day and make the conference presentations accessible to those outside of the main centres. Beyond this, you also have a room full of hundreds of people excited, hopefully, by your amazing content, and an energetic backdrop of a busy event. Therefore, next on the checklist for most events is a highlights reel – capture that energy and excitement to share across social after the event, and leading up to the next to encourage attendance and sponsorship.

Truly valuable. However you have a production team on site for the day, and depending on the agenda, there’s still a raft of possibilities for video content. We’re lucky to video regularly for a number of conference organisers and corporates that are keen to really capitalise on their event. So lets talk about a couple of recent case studies where the content produced went beyond the keynotes and highlights reel.

Case Studies

At the recent Digital Nations 2030 event, organised by Conferenz, the goal was to create lots of consumable, shareable content, so our team created 21 interview videos with speakers from the conference around the future of technology. This created a plethora of unique video content that is still being shared weeks later via social media by the conference organisers and the companies and speakers featured. The videos have also been added to Conferenz’s OnDemand channel – a video content library of over 300 videos.

Another case in point is leadership development experts, Winsborough. A client who is keen to build an informative knowledge base of video content on their website, helping to position their company as thought leaders. Their annual Future Trends conference offered a great opportunity to capture content. As well as a prominent international speaker, the event also meant their leadership team would be all in the same place at the same time – a rare occurrence. Our mission was to capture as much valuable and shareable content across the day as possible. So, as well as capturing the main keynote, our team also captured a conversation with the speaker and one of the company’s leadership team – more unique content beyond the event. Also, five pieces to camera on a variety of topics by the team of Execs, two case study videos with Foodstuffs – one of Winsborough’s key clients, and three Vox pops style videos featuring attendees experiences of the major themes of the event – leadership, talent and pain points.
Extending the event beyond just the conference itself makes sure you get total bang for your buck, and gives your Comms team content to share for weeks.

Our team’s passion is to create as much high quality video content as possible in a day – thinking creatively about what can be achieved and driving results.


Winsborough Future Trends content, part of their Knowledge Centre of videos and other resources – https://www.winsborough.co.nz/future-trends-conference-2017
Conferenz OnDemand channel featuring Perpetua’s interview video content from Digital Nations 2030, and highlights reels and interview videos from CIO Summit 2017 and 2016 – https://www.conferenz.co.nz/on-demand